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Non-woven basic knowledge

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Nonwovens basic knowledge

A, nonwoven definition

Nonwovens (nonwoven), also called non-woven fabric and nonwoven fabric.

Directional or random arrangement of fiber through friction, hold close or bonding or combination of these methods are integrated into slices, fiber nets or flocculent pad. Not including paper and woven fabric, knitted fabrics, cluster flock fabric woven yarns, with seam seam braid and wet shrink flocking felt products (whether such products whether, after acupuncture reinforcement).

Fiber can be of natural or chemical processing, can be short fibers, filament or fibrous form on the spot.

Note: 1, wet nonwovens and wet paper difference nonwovens one shall comply with the following conditions:

A, the fiber length and diameter of ingredients than more than 300 of fiber (not including any chemical cooking plants fiber) 50% above quality;

B, the fiber length and diameter of ingredients than more than 300 of fiber (not including any chemical cooking plants fiber) the quality of 30%, and its density less than 0.4 / c m 3

2, don't think viscose fiber is the plant fiber by chemical cooking.

Second, fibrous materials

Applicable to sort of raw material of nonwoven fiber is very much, basically have natural fiber and chemical fiber two kinds big. In order to process different performance, use and style of the nonwoven, still can use high-performance special fiber and function and differentiation of fiber.

(a) natural fiber: such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, etc.;

(2) chemical fiber: such as viscose fiber, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene fiber, acrylic, WeiGuan etc;

(3) differentiation fiber, high-performance fiber;

Such as: low melting point thermal bonding fiber (ES fiber, modification of pp, four polyamide, polyester, etc.);

Superfine fibers (; less than 0.3 dtex);

3d crimp fiber;

Colored fibers;

High performance fibers (carbon fiber, aramid, PPS, polyether ketone, etc.);

Water-soluble fiber (water-soluble poly (vinyl alcohol) fiber, hydroxyl methyl cellulose fiber etc.)

(4) used in the main chemical fiber non-woven cloth and special fiber properties (table is abbreviated)

Three, nonwoven classification

Nonwovens classification method many, can press nonwoven department processing route: fiber nets forming method and product use the classification, the table below is to press nonwovens fiber nets forming different method of classification.

Four, nonwoven products and applications

(a) medical use nonwovens

Diapers, sanitary napkin with fabric; With his smock, caps set of surgery, shoe covers, mask, masks, hospital patients, sickbed sheet, cushion pad, pillowcase and germ-proof flaps; Wet towel, tampon, XiaoDuBao cloth; White blood cells separating materials, artificial skin; Has radiation occasions use labor protection of basic materials; serve Medical taping bottom cloth, bandage bottom cloth, wound compress and wound soft mat, vampire cloth.

(2) household adornment use nonwovens

Carpet and material that lay the ground;

Carpet bottom cloth;

Curtain and curtain;

Tablecloth, bedspread, stick a wall cloth;

Mattess, furniture coated cloth;

Artificial turf.

(3) clothing with nonwovens

Various garment act the role ofing lining;

Winter coats warm flocculent slices.

His coat and underwear;

Apparel accessories (clothing labels, lace, protect bra, shoulder pads, etc.).

(4) footwear and faux leather nonwovens

Fabrics, synthetic chamois;

Shoes, leather bags, suitcase lining;

Intermediate lining and support (enhancement) materials.

(5) filter materials

Conventional filter materials: for air conditioning, kitchen smoke filter, drink liquid filtration, etc.;

High temperature resistant, fight corrode filter materials: used for filtering industrial furnaces emissions of high temperature, corrosive tail gas and dust.

(6) geotextile

With ShenGou feld underground irrigation;

Highway, railway construction for the separation of the reinforcement drainage with geotextile;

Shore-slope dam reinforcement geotextile; Bridge engineering geotextile; Waste pile pool; Artificially pools in not penetrate geotextile; Waterproof asphalt bottom cloth.

(7) the automotive industry

Seating, shade, door soft liner, roof and luggage storehouse pad and covering materials, adiabatic and sound insulation materials, carburetor, air filter, the gauge carpet bottom cloth; Acupuncture wool circle carpet, sofa type moulding soft mat materials.

(8) industrial use nonwovens

Port oil removal and offshore sea oil production area recovery of oil absorption materials;

Electrical insulating materials; Battery clapboard cloth; Industrial polishing materials;

Glass steel tube enhance base material, industrial tape base material, industrial hose base material.

(9) agricultural use nonwovens

Household harvest cloth, resist frost cloth, the pest cloth, soil moisture cloth, seedlings cloth, greenhouse trellis.

(10) household nonwovens

Wipe wipes, shoe cloth, suit covers, baggage cloth, bedding, pillow cases, sit chair collection bags sand sets, gift bags, tea bags, kitchen, filter bag with cake.

(11) other

Disk liner;

Coating base cloth;

Packing materials;

Paper.cake (senior ChaoZhi, certificates, printed map cloth, calendar cloth, youchegang calligraphy cloth).