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Non-woven fabric specification and algorithm

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Nonwoven fabric specification and algorithm

Nonwoven fabric or nonwoven fabric, it's not exactly what kind of cloth, but a category, like the vocabulary is vegetables.

And PP spun-bonded non-woven, PP is the abbreviation of polypropylene, spun-bonded is a kind of technology into cloth, made of cloth that is commonly used in the supermarket shopping bag of the kind of cloth.

The algorithm of non-woven fabrics:

1, calculate the thickness of the cloth
(1) when calculating the thickness of some square gram, namely how to measure the thickness of the cloth per square metre.The thickness of the calculated by this method is more accurate, generally on the market can do out of 10 g ~ 300 g, beyond this range is generally speaking, it is not PP non-woven fabric.
(2) directly with calipers measurement card table cloth thickness, the thickness of 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm, the thickness ratio of basically the same as the square grams above.

2, calculate the width of the cloth
Because of custom width feet (inch), is commonly used in the industry are also expressed in (' '). Width also has three kinds, namely 63, 54 "and 44", while a foot is about 2.54 cm, so the wide is 111.76 cm, 137.3 cm and 160.02 cm.

3, calculate the length of the cloth
Non-woven fabric specifications are as follows: 10 g ~ 300 g, convert the thickness is 0.1 mm to 0.1 mm wide, 3.2 m, 1.6 m, 1.44 m and 1.32 m is the margin of commonly used non-woven, beyond this range, is the special specifications, of course, that is referring to the PP non-woven fabric, the rest of the fabric.
Like this, because industry practices, equipment, when calculating the length of the cloth, would use the code (Yard or Y) of this unit. 1 Y is approximately equal to 0.9144 m. the often used to calculate the conversion, so the key to the unified unit is calculated. With the above three parameters, thickness, width and length of arbitrary also can calculate the results you want, the other of any fabric and paper algorithm is also in accordance with the above standard, just have some very much the same.