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PP Meltblown

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    PP Meltblown                                                   

    Meltblown is a polymer based technology where high velocity air attenuates extruded fibers that are much finer than spunbond.  

    These fine fibers provide exceptionally high surface area for multiple applications, especially filtration. It is widely used in medical industry.

    Ultra-fine fibre structures with a low basis weight and high filtration efficiency BFE > 95% combine reliable protection with high wear comfort. 

    Technical Details                                              

    Raw material: MB-PP

    Grammage: 15 -100 g/m2

    Filtration Efficiency: BFE > 95%

    Roll Width: 100mm to 2400mm 


    1, Soft

    2,Electrostatic treatment

    3, Flame retardant

    4, Outstanding filtration performance

    5, Optimisation for high filtration effciency while minimizing air flow resistance

    6, High Filtration Efficiency

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